The main character in the story “2BR02B” by Kurt Vonnegut is Edward K. Wehling Jr. The intrigue revolves around his moral dilemma and inner conflict. 

The painter also plays an important role in the story, and his ironic outlook appears to be shared by the narrator. 

The other characters are the hospital orderly, Dr. Hitz, and Leora Duncan. They are typical representatives of the system presented in the story. Unlike Wehling and the painter, Dr. Hitzt and Leora Duncan believe their society functions as it should and are unable to see the personal tragedies. This is illustrated by how they do not see Wehling until he makes himself known to them. Because they do not pay attention to the victims of this system, Dr. Hitz and Leora Duncan consider the society they live in as ideal. 

You can read a full characterization of Edward K. Wehling and the painter in the following pages.