George W. Bush begins his speech “9/11 Address to the Nation” by stating that the American people and their way of life have been the victims of several terrorist attacks.

He then portrays the victims, stating that they were passengers of the airplanes hijacked by the terrorists or workers in the buildings which were attacked. He reminds the audience that they were people from all walks of life, who were also mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors. 

Bush gives the audience a brief description of the attacks and their consequences: The airplanes caused massive fires and ultimately the collapse of the World Trade Center, which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

He claims these attacks were intended to cause fear and chaos throughout the nation. However, he states that the country remains strong.

The speaker then continues by stating that although terrorist attacks can cause the biggest buildings in America to collapse, they cannot shake the foundation of America. He states that America was attacked because it is a symbol of freedom and that no one will be able to change this.

He c...

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