Imagery and metaphors


In “A Case of Murder” by Vernon Scannell, most imagery is created in relation to the cat which is constantly described from the boy’s perspective:

He hated that cat; he watched it sit,
A buzzing machine of soft black stuff,
He sat and watched and he hated it,
Snug in its fur, hot blood in a muff,
And its mad gold stare and the way it sat
Crooning dark warmth: he loathed all that. (ll. 13-17)

If you pay attention, you will notice that the above example create all types of imagery, related to movement, sounds, sensations and sight.

Similes and comparisons

A series of similes further contribute to imagery when describing the cat: “round eyes mad as gold” (l. 8), “plump as a cushion” (l. 9), “quick as a sudden crack” (l. 19), “was cracked like a nut” (l. 31).


Most of the metaphors in t...

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