Reception, criticism, adaptations


To this day, Henrik Ibsen's works are among the most frequently performed plays in the world. The first publication of A Doll's House on December 4, 1879 is a great success, although Nora leaves her family at the end of the play, which did not fit into the contemporary image of society. The first edition of the Norwegian version of the play, 8000 copies, was completely sold out within a month. In January 1880, the second edition of 4000 copies was published, followed by the third edition of 2500 copies in March of the same year. These sales figures are a great success for a reading drama from the Scandinavian countries.

The premiere of the play on December 21, 1879 in Copenhagen becomes a great success, even if it does not really fit into this season. It seems that the play so kindly called A Doll's House, which is moreover set during the Christmas season, is one of the typical and family-adapted plays that are performed during this period. But this impression is deceptive and it comes to an end that the spectator doe...

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