Narrator and point of view

The short story “A Pair of Jeans” by Qaisra Shahraz is told by a third-person narrator. We mostly see things from Miriam’s point of view, but the narrator frequently changes perspectives. For instance, the beginning of the story is told from Miriam’s point of view. Then it switches to Fatima’s point of view as she opens the door, and we see from her perspective the shock of seeing Miriam dressed like this in the presence of her future in-laws. After that, we follow Miriam again as she goes to her room to change. 

The decision to end Miriam and Farook’s engagement and the discussion between Begum and Ayub is seen through Begum’s point of view. Also from Begum’s point of view we see their first meeting, when she chose Miriam as Farook’s future wife...

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