Characterization of Raven

Raven is the main character in the short story “A Raven Flies South” by Gord Bruyere. There is little information about his outer characterization. He is not physically described. We do not know his age, but there is an indication that he is still quite young. He is at least part Cree, as he calls his grandmother “Kooks” (p. 22, l. 9), a shortened form of the word kookum, which is grandmother in Cree languages. Raven lives with his grandmother, parents, and younger siblings in a house close to a river. His twin brother is dead. There are hints that his mother is currently unable to take care of the children, possibly as a result of her son’s death.

Like his namesake, Raven appears to have a carefree nature. He values freedom and being able to act without constraints. For instance...

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