Narrator and point of view

The short story “A Raven Flies South” by Gord Bruyere is told in the present tense by a third-person narrator, who follows the perspective of the main character, Raven. The narrator has access to Raven’s thoughts and feelings. The text follows Raven’s stream of consciousness and seamlessly slips from past memories to present events, and into future plans. For instance: 

Kooks made Mom laugh when she said that was the only thing Dad and Jesus had in common. The men who fish would be up early like him. ‘A good man gets up before the sun’, Kooks said. Raven doesn’t know what time Dad gets up. The river wanders away to go find out for him. It’s time to go back inside. He will line up the cereal boxes (...) take out the milk again, and go wake everyone...

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