The theme of the short story “A Raven Flies South” by Gord Bruyere is growing up

We do not know Raven’s age, but from his inner voice, he is probably in his early teens – still a child in many ways, but also mature enough to understand responsibilities that come with age. This awareness is reflected throughout the story, as Raven shifts between enjoying his freedom and worrying about the work he has to do later that morning.

As he stands by the river, he relishes the feeling of being strong: “he balls his fists in front of his belly and tenses his muscles” (p. 23, ll. 6-7), and laughs at himself for being silly: “he knows his arms are skinny and he is being crazy, and he laughs” (p. 23, ll. 6-7). This suggests that he looks forward to being a...

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