Read here our discussion regarding the setting of “A Shocking Accident” by Graham Greene.

Time setting

The short story “A Shocking Accident” was published in 1967, so we can assume the time setting of the events is related to this year. As the story ends with Jerome preparing to get married, we can view this period as contemporary to the time of publishing. Also, the story develops from Jerome's childhood to his adult life.

Physical setting

The physical setting of the story presents several places: Jerome’s “rather expensive preparatory school”, his aunt’s house and the “poorer quarters” of Naples, where Jerome’s father died. Here is a passage in which Naples is depicted from Jerome’s perspective:

Naples, of course. You’d be surprised in the poorer quarters what things they keep on the balconies of those sky-scraping tenements - not washing, you know, or bedding, but things like livestock, chickens or even pigs (…) A balcony on the fifth floor gave way under one of those pigs. It struck the third floor balcony on its ...

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