The analysis of the short story “Aline’s Journey” by Edwidge Danticat shows that it follows a linear plot structure. The events follow a chronological order. The main conflict of the story is heavily foreshadowed throughout, leading to a progressive rise in tension. 

The main character in the story is Aline, a girl who lives with her family in Haiti and then embarks on a journey to America. The events in the story are seen through her perspective, and her inner conflict is highlighted in the climax of the story. 

The physical setting is the town of Sayira, Haiti, and the town of Miami, United States – in particular, in the hotel where Aline is kept and in the immigration detention center where her father is forced to live. The social setting explores issues such as immigration, politically motivated violence, and the effects of imprisonment and isolation.

The story is told by a first-person narrator, who is also the main character. The reader only knows what she knows, and the narration is mostly explicit. 

The language of the story is informal, and the tone is casual and conversational. It conveys an impression of familiarity and creates a connection between the reader and the main character. 

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