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Choice of words

On a basic level, the choice of words in Animal Farm reflects its rural setting, as there are countless references to farm animals, farming implements, and other terms associated with farming. Expressions like ‘cart-horses’ (p.2), ‘windfall’ (p. 22), ‘pastures’ (p. 24), ‘artificial manures’ (p. 42) and ‘seed-beds’ (p. 52) all serve to strengthen the image of a farm setting.

However, because the book also has a strongly political focus, a large number of political terms can be found as well - especially words and phrases associated with communism. For example, the animals constantly call each other ‘comrade’ (e.g. p. 3) even before their ‘Rebellion’ (p. 11), and later on the animals ‘vote’ at a ‘general assembly’ (p. 19) and form ‘Committees’ (p. 20).

This curious mixture of words from two different worlds reflects the novel’s status as a political allegory - an unusual setting is combined with political elements, to tell a familiar story of revolution a...

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