This study guide will help you analyze the play Antigone (441BC) by Sophocles. You can also find a summary of the text, detailed characterizations as well as inspiration for interpreting the play and putting it into perspective. The quotes in this analysis are taken from the 2001 Hackett Publishing edition, translated by Paul Woodruff.

Presentation of the text

Title: Antigone (441BC)

Author: Sophocles

Genre: Play

Sophocles (497/496 – 406/405BC) is one of the most famous ancient Greek tragic playwrights. His work greatly influenced the genre of drama, most notably by increasing the number of characters on stage. During his lifetime he wrote over 120 plays but only seven have survived. Among them are the three Theban plays: Antigone, Oedipus Rex, and Oedipus at Colonus

Antigone is one of Sophocles’ oldest play, written around 441BC. Though it was the first play of the Theban trilogy that he wrote, the plot of Antigone takes place after the stories of Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Colonus.

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