Auggie Wren

Outer characterization

Auggie Wren is the main character of the story “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story” by Paul Auster. He is described as a “strange little man who wore a hooded blue sweatshirt”. He sells cigars and magazines at a shop on Court Street in downtown Brooklyn, New York . It is implied that Auggie Wren is not his real name. This adds to the theme of fact versus fiction. It also intrigues the readers, since, when a writer uses a fake name to hide the identity of a source, the name they pick is usually generic. However, Auggie Wren is an unusual name, which adds to the general mystery of his character and to the ambiguity of the story.

Inner characterization

Auggie Wren seems to be an unassuming character. Paul admits that for a long time he did not give much thought to ...

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