Barack Obama’s inaugural address from 2009 begins with the speaker addressing US citizens and thanking them for their vote. He continues by thanking his predecessor, President Bush.

He states that some US Presidents have taken the presidential oath in difficult times, such as the times Americans are living in now, but that Americans have always managed to overcome challenges. He mentions the present challenges—the war on terror, a weak economy, a costly healthcare system, and a poor educational system. The speaker assures Americans that these challenges can be met and goes on to argue that his term will bring change and unity.

He reminds the audience that America became a great nation because of hardworking, resilient people who moved to a new continent, and who fought in a civil war, and in wars to defend other nations. He argues that this journey should continue and that Americans should work together to overcome current challenges.

He enumerates several areas where hard work is expected: ...

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