Barack Obama’s 2012 victory speech was delivered in front of a live audience – about 18,000 people gathered at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago.

However, the speech had a much wider audience, as it was nationally and internationally televised and covered by most media.

Looking at the video of the speech, you will notice that the live audience is comprised of people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. When the speaker appears with his wife and daughters on stage they applaud, cheer, and chant “Four more years”.

As Barack Obama delivers his speech, the audience frequently cheers and chants, showing their support for the reelected President and his message: “Audience member: ‘We got your back, Mr. President!’ ” 

While the speech is addressed to the American public at large— “…in this election, you, the American people, reminded us…” – it is also directed towards specific individuals and groups of people.

The first part of the speech includes a section where he thanks various people (a traditional part of all American election victory speeches). In this case, the speaker addresses his wife and daughters, the Vice President, and his opponent Mitt Romney: “…the Ro...

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