Barack Obama begins his 2012 election victory speech by thanking American citizens for moving the US forward through a spirit of unity and by letting them know that the best times are yet to come.

The speaker continues his address by thanking his opponent Mitt Romney and his family for their service to the US. He moves on to thank his vice-president, Joe Biden, his wife Michelle and his daughters, as well as his electoral campaign staff.

Barack Obama admits that the electoral race might seem small and ruled by special interests, but he gives several examples that prove elections matter. He talks of a man who wants to make sure everyone has access to education, of a woman who volunteered to join the campaign feeling happy that her brother has found work, of the people who gather at campaign rallies, and of a military spouse who works so that veterans have work to return to after their missions. The speaker argues that this is why elections and politics matter.

He claims that democracy in such a large nation as the US can be complicated and controversial, but ...

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