The video in your assignment shows the beginning of the commencement address “Bernie Sanders to Brooklyn College Graduates: Don’t ‘Allow Demagogues to Divide Us’ ” when Sanders is introduced and walks on the stage while the audience is cheering and applauding. In the video, he talks about the difficult times which the US is experiencing but also about his trust in a better future.

Bernie Sanders then congratulates the graduates of Brooklyn College and thanks the college representatives for inviting him and giving him an honorary degree. The speaker talks about him and his wife also growing up and studying in Brooklyn and how he eventually finished his degree at the University of Chicago.

Drawing on his childhood experiences, Sanders explains how the poverty of his family makes him more aware of the struggles of the millions of poor people in the US. As a refugee from Poland, his father’s experience also taught Sanders about the horrors of the anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. As a result, Sanders believes it’s important that Americans don’t allow politicians appeal to prejudice and divide society because of race, religion, skin colour etc.

The speaker argues that the US is turning into an oligarchic regime as mo...

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