Alternative slogans and movements

All Lives Matter

Some of the critics of the BLM movement coined the term “All Lives Matter”, claiming that the movement was racist for aiming to only protect black people from police violence. Others went further, claiming that African Americans and other minorities are statistically guilty of many more crimes than whites and, therefore, do not have the right to call stop and frisks or arrests “police brutality”. These practices were, in their view, a normal reaction from police when encountering criminals or people who were likely to be criminals.

The All Lives Matter slogan was also supported by several public figures such as professional athletes, entertainers and politicians, mainly Republicans. Donald Trump himself, the Republican candidate in the 2016 US presidential race, called the BLM movement racist and divisive. However, Hillary Clinton, who run as a Democrat in the 2016 US presidential race, was also criticized for using the phrase during her presidential campaign.

All Lives Matter has been, however, sharply and extensively criticized for not recognizing the syste...

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