Outer characterization

Abel is an important character in the autobiography Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Abel is Trevor’s stepfather and Andrew and Isaac’s father. He is “an amazing mechanic, probably one of the best around at the time” (Chapter 18, p. 254). Abel also went to technical college and graduated first in his class. When Abel’s boss decides to sell Mighty Mechanics, Abel buys it and becomes a business owner. Abel’s Tsonga name, Ngisaveni, means “Be afraid” (Chapter 18, p. 245) and represents a bad omen, as it foreshadows his violent behavior.

Inner characterization 

At the beginning of his relationship with Patricia, Abel seems to be “a really nice guy” (Chapter 6, p. 95), “very charming” (Chapter 9, p. 125), and “incredibly funny” (Chapter 9, p. 125). However, things change after Abel and Patricia get married. First, Abel becomes jealous and angry at the idea of Patricia and Trevor visitin...

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