Chapter summaries part III


Chapter 15: Go Hitler!

In the third part of Trevor Noah’s autobiography Born a Crime, Trevor compares the German, the American, and the South African education systems. He comments that German children learn about Holocaust and its consequences, while America and South Africa have a detached attitude when teaching children about slavery and the apartheid. 

Trevor recalls that, at the beginning of high school, he offered to help two of his friends approach black students who bought counterfeit CDs but never paid, in exchange for a part of the profit. Trevor eventually inherited the CD business and made a profit mixing party CDs. Later on, Trevor started DJ-ing in front of a live audience and called up a group of dancers to animate the crowds. 

The best dancer was called Hitler, which was a common name used in South Africa. South Africans believed Hitler and Mussolini were powerful men, so they chose to name their children after them, not knowing who they really were. Trevor recalls that during one of his shows at a Jewish school, he argued with a Jewish teacher because the dancers kept on shouting Hitler’s name. Trevor was unaware of the implications Hitler’s name had on the Jewish community, so he believed that the teacher was simply racist.

Chapter 16: The Cheese Boys

Trevor compare...

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