The story follows a non-linear plot structure, as it includes some of the main characters’ memories.

The characters include Nick as the main character, and his father and grandfather as secondary characters. Note that Nick also mentions his mother, his sister, his friends at school, and his father’s teacher. Also, there is a strong contrast between Nick’s father and grandfather and their wishes for Nick.

The events take place in Bognor (a British seaside town) and on the road from Bognor to London. The social setting explores issues such as relatives’ over-involvement in one’s life and its consequences, the freedom to choose your own path in life, science versus creativity, and working hard to achieve success.

The events are described by Nick as a first-person narrator, who also shares his thoughts and feelings with the readers.

The story is told in a descriptive style, with plenty of imagery. The language is simple, mixing narration with dialogue, which helps the reader understand more about the characters.

The main themes in the story are father-son relationships and the freedom to choose your own path. The story focuses on Nick’s relationship with his father and his grandfather, but also on his father's and grandfather's relationship with each other.

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