Brenda's Got A Baby | Analysis

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Presentation of the song

Title: "Brenda's Got A Baby"
Author: Tupac Shakur
Published in: 2Pacalypse Now (music album)
Date of Publication: 1991
Genre: Song

Tupac Shakur is the stage name for the controversial African-American rapper Lesane Parish Crooks (1971-1993). Tupac is considered one of the best rappers, and is still one of the best-selling artists in the United States. His lyrics are often about violence, racism and in general the difficulties that come with poverty. "Brenda's Got a Baby" is the debut single from his first solo album. The song was inspired by a real event, a news article about a girl who became pregnant with her cousin, and who eventually threw the child in a garbage compactor.

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Brenda's Got A Baby | Analysis

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