The analysis of the short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson shows that it has a chronological structure. The story includes moments that foreshadow the twist ending.

The main character in the story is Norma Lewis. She is faced with the choice of pushing a button, which will grant her a large sum of money, but someone would have to die in return. Despite the dire consequences, Norma is tempted by the button. 

The setting of the short story is the couple’s apartment in New York. The setting is not explored in the story as the focus is on the characters and the events. However, there are hints of a social setting which briefly points to class issues and racism.

The story has a third-person narrator, who is limited to Norma’s point of view. This helps to create tension in the story as readers know only as much as Norma does. 

The story features neutral language. There are no metaphors or figurative language, but several symbols, such as the button, draw the attention of the reader and help them interpret the meaning behind the events. 

A full analysis of the short story can be found on the following pages. 

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