Characterization of Norma


Norma Lewis is the main character of the short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson. She lives in New York, is married to Arthur, and works an office job. She does not have children, although she wants to and is unsatisfied with her life and financial status. 

In the story, Norma is tempted by the button and its promise. She wishes to get the $50,000 regardless of the consequences, which suggests that she is greedy:

‘Fifty thousand dollars, Arthur.’

‘What has the amount –’

Fifty thousand dollars, Arthur,’ Norma interrupted. ‘A chance to take that trip to Europe we’ve always talked about.’

‘Norma, no.’

‘A chance to buy that cottage on the island.’ 

This shows that Norma wants to have more money which would offer her the possibility of going on expensive holidays and having nicer belongings. In this wa...

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