The story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson starts with the main characters, Norma and Arthur, receiving a package. Inside, there is a small wooden box with a button on top and a glass dome covering the button. There is a note on the bottom of the box, that says that Mr. Steward will visit the couple at eight p.m. 

At eight o’clock, Mr. Steward arrives, but Norma tells him she is busy and she will bring him his box. Mr. Stewart asks if Norma wants to know what the box is and tells her it could be valuable. He convinces Norma and Arthur to let him in. 

Mr. Stewart tells Norma and Arthur that if they push the button inside, someone they do not know will die, and they will receive $50,000 in return. Norma and Arthur are confused and offended and ask Mr. Stewart to leave and take the box with him. Arthur tears Mr. Stewar...

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