“City Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer tells the story of a geologist named Dr Franz-Josef von Leinsdorf who begins a relationship with a South African mixed-race woman until they are discovered by the police.

Dr von Leinsdorf was born in Austria but moved to South Africa to work for a mining company. He is unmarried and lives alone in a flat. He regularly shops at a supermarket across the street from where he lives. One day, he notices that the store is out of razors and he informs one of the cashiers about this. After a few days, the woman sees Dr von Leinsdorf again at the store and tells him that the razors are out of stock, however, she offers to set some aside for him when they become available.

After a week, the woman meets him outside, informing him that the shop has restocked the razors. He asks the woman if ...

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