Outer characterization

Another character from Paul Auster’s novel City of Glass is Stillman’s son, Peter. When he introduces himself to Quinn, he immediately stresses that Peter Stillman is not his real name (Chapter 2, 40%). However, we do not know if this is really true, considering Peter’s unreliable state of mind.

Peter lives in an apartment on 69th Street together with his wife and former speech therapist, Virginia. His mother died when he was two and his father kept him locked up in a room for nine years. After he was rescued, he spent 13 years in a mental hospital.

Peter has white-blond hair and is dressed entirely in white (Chapter 2, 20%). He reminds Quinn of his dead son, which is rather telling, as Peter and Quinn’s son have the same name. Peter’s movements are mechanic, as if he is not used to moving around. 

Inner characterization

The trauma and isolation that Peter has experienced during his childhood are still affecting...

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