Laura Farina

Outer characterization

Laura Farina appears in the story “Death Constant Beyond Love” by Gabriel García Márquez. She is the daughter of Nelson Farina and of a Surinamese woman, whose beauty she inherits: “The daughter had inherited her color and her figure along with her father’s yellow and astonished eyes, and he had good reason to imagine that he was rearing the most beautiful woman in the world” (p. 78, ll. 37-41). Laura is born on the 11th of April. She is 18years old when she meets the Senator, with whom she shares the same zodiac sign (p. 79, ll. 44-50).

When she first meets Senator Onésimo Sánchez, she appears in a state of “disrepair” (p. 79, l. 28): “She was wearing a cheap, faded guajiro Indian robe, her head was decorated with colored bows...

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