Senator Onésimo Sánchez

Outer characterization

Senator Onésimo Sánchez is the main character of the story “Death Constant Beyond Love” by Gabriel García Márquez. His outer characterization reveals that he is 42years old (p. 77, l. 29) and that he is “married to a radiant German woman who had given him five children” (p. 77, ll. 33-34). The Senator has also “graduated from Gottingen with honors as a metallurgical engineer” (p. 77, ll. 30-31) and is “an avid reader (…) of (…) Latin classics” (p. 77, ll. 31-33). 

He has a “corsair’s tattoo of a heart pierced by an arrow” (p. 80, ll. 35-36) on his chest, over his heart. When he arrives in Rosal del Virrey, the Senator is wearing a “shirt of pure silk” (p. 77, ll. 26-27), which reflects his higher social status. When he delivers his speech, he is wearing “a pair of coarse linen slacks and a ...

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