Style of language

The language used by Gabriel García Márquez in the short story “Death Constant Beyond Love” is mainly neutral, with touches of informality.

Informal language is sometimes used when Senator Onésimo Sánchez speaks: “what in hell” (p. 80, l. 77), “bastard” (p. 80, l. 85), “son of a bitch” (p. 80, ll. 103-104), “shit” (p. 80, l. 21), “dung” (p. 79, l. 51). The informal language used by the Senator contrasts with his elegant appearance and with his social status. At the same time, the informal language highlights the Senator’s frustration with his impending death. Consequently, he feels free to speak as he pleases, cursing and using offensive words. What is more, his use of slang might also suggest that he is not as educated as he appears. The informal words also contrast with the way the Senator expresses himself in his speech to the villagers. Here, he uses complex sentences and advanced vocabulary:

‘We are here ...

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