Physical setting

The events described in the short story “Death Constant Beyond Love” by Gabriel García Márquez take place in the fictional village of Rosal del Virrey, which is described from the beginning:

He met her in Rosal del Virrey, an illusory village which by night was the furtive wharf for smugglers’ ships, and yet it seemed in broad daylight the most useless inlet on the desert, looking out on an arid and directionless sea, so far removed from everything that no one would have suspected that someone capable of changing the destiny of anyone lived here. (p. 77, ll. 3-11)

As this example shows, the village is characterized by its duality. By day, the village is bland, while by night, it becomes the scene of illegal affairs. The name of the village literally translates to “the viceroy’s rosebush” and is ironic, as the v...

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