Loneliness and isolation

One of the main themes explored in the short story “Death Constant Beyond Love” by Gabriel García Márquez is the theme of loneliness and isolation. The theme is mainly illustrated by Senator Onésimo Sánchez and Nelson Farina. 

After he finds out that he has only a short time to live, Senator Onésimo Sánchez isolates himself from those around him. He keeps his illness a secret from his wife and children “not out of pride but out of shame” (p. 77, l. 56) and he feels alone because of that. When he arrives in Rosal del Virrey, the Senator feels “many years older and more alone than ever” (p. 77, ll. 28-29), although he is in his forties. He spends “an hour alone” (p. 77, ll. 39-40) in the house, making an effort not to think...

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