Style of language

The language in “Deportation at Breakfast” by Larry Fondation is quite simple and easy to understand. The sentences are either short or medium-length, and they help render the calm and quiet atmosphere of the place.

Dialogue is absent from the story, as the author focuses more on the narrator’s straightforward depiction of the events. We do encounter a few examples of indirect speech, however, as the narrator describes a brief interaction with some customers: “ ‘Can we pull some tables together?’ they asked. ‘We're all one party.’ I told them yes.”.

Imagery and personification

Imagery is used extensively in the short story and is mostly created through the descriptions of the diner and Javier: “Inside, the place had an appealing old-fashioned look”; “Behind the counter was a short man with dark, black hair, a moustache, and a youthful beard, (…)”. Imagery is also employed when the narrator’s breakfast is described. His coffee is “hot, strong, and fresh”.

The sense of smell is also explored through the following images: “the air smelled fresh and homey, not greasy”, “smell my eggs starting to burn”.

The use of imagery also plays a...

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