The title of the short story “Deportation at Breakfast” indicates what the story is about. Its meaning is literal – a man who enters a diner witnesses the arrest of the diner’s cook, Javier. Note, however, that the story itself never mentions deportation or anything related to immigration. It only briefly describes the scene of the arrest:

The eggs were spread out on the griddle, the bread plunged inside the toaster, when the authorities came in. They grabbed Javier quickly and without a word, forcing his hands behind his back. He, too, said nothing. He did not resist, and they shoved him out the door and into their waiting car.

In this way, the title implicitly provides information about Javier and tells readers what will happen to him – he is an illegal immigrant who will be deported by the authorities.

By associating deportation with breakfast, the author alludes to the fact that illegal immigrants can be detained anytime, anywhere...

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