We advise you to look at the short story ““The Little Black Dress” by Clifford Thurlow from various perspectives to have a deeper understanding of the author’s intentions.

Literary period

Written in 2000, the short story “The Little Black Dress” by Clifford Thurlow belongs to the Modernist period in literature. Generally, Modernists tend to focus on the inner ...


Works in the same genre

An interesting short story belonging to the Magical Realism genre is “Baglady” by A.S. Byatt (Flux, pp. 9). In the story, a woman experiences a dream-like situation while she ...


Works with the same theme

The theme of looking for one’s identity has been explored by author Kate Chopin in the short story “A Pair of Silk Stockings”. Mrs. Sommers, a wife and a mother, obtains a sum of money and decides to splurge it all on her wishes instead of using the money for more practical purposes. During the day in which she is out in town, she finally finds herself and acts naturally, unrestrained by her husband or children.


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