Here you can find the summary of “The Little Black Dress” by Clifford Thurlow.

Vicky, a 23-year-old woman, is on her way to the fitness club where she works, but she stops outside a shop to admire a black dress displayed on a mannequin. During the day, Vicky feels sad and out of place, sensing that something is missing in her life. At home, Vicky is greeted by her husband, Fergus. While preparing for dinner, Vicky thinks about her relationship with Fergus and the way it has changed over time, from feeling in love and protected to feeling bored and frustrated.

The next day, Vicky tries on the black dress, which proves to be a 1968 Chanel model, and she eventually buys it. Then, she buys new underwear and new shoes, determined to make the most of the day and not to let Fergus know about her splurge.

At home, Vicky is alone because Fergus is in Geneva. She listens to music...

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