In this section, we will briefly summarise the main points of our analysis of “Every race, colour, nation and religion on earth” by Leo Benedictus. 

The article explores the city of London as a centre of multiculturalism. The main topics of Leo Benedictus’ article are the experience of immigrants in the city of London and the attitude of the English towards foreign cultures.

The writer of the article is a British novelist and feature writer for The Guardian. His articles often deal with urbanism and society. The readers of this article are, potentially, all the English-speaking readers worldwide. The article may be of particular interest to the citizens of London or to those who plan on moving to London.

The language used in the article is neutral and fairly easy to understand for the general audience. The writer uses modes of persuasion and rhetorical devices such as hyperbole and allusions to emphasise his points. He argues in favour of his point of view both openly and also by using hidden argumentation.

The circumstances that led to the article being published were defined by the growing diversity of the city of London and the cultural tensions that arose from it. Therefore, the writer’s intention is to inform people about the multicultural environment of London and to demonstrate that immigrants are not so different from Londoners.

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