Experience of immigrants

The article “Every race, colour, nation and religion on earth” by Leo Benedictus investigates the reasons why so many immigrants decide to settle in London. The writer states that “London's decade of prosperity has pulled in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world” and that “people come to London for the money. But money is not why they stay”. This reflects that while economic prosperity is one of the main reasons why immigrants come to London, it is not the only reason they decide to settle in London. The writer also names learning English as an incentive because some immigrants want their children to be fluent in this language. Other immigrants value the private nature of Londoners, who prefer not to meddle in other people’s business and leave others alone. Job opportunities, especially in the food industry, are also a reason why London is appealing to immigrants. Other immigrants find that they no longer feel at home when they return to their country of birth because they have adopted and internalised the values of Western culture). On the other hand, some move to London “to be themselves”, because in such a multicultural city, they can freely express themselves.

However, immigrants also encounter problems in London. Some find the antisocial attitude of Londoners strange, claiming that “People here don't know their own neighbours, and they're like that their whole life”. The writer of the article also notes that “Having asked everyone I met in the course of this investigation how they got along with their "English" neighbours, I have few problems to report”. These claims could suggest that the British people and immigrants tolerate each other. However, it could also show that immigrant communities are rather isol...

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