“Examination Day” by Henry Slesar follows a traditional plot structure, while including narrative elements like backstory and foreshadowing.

The characters include Richard Jordan – nicknamed “Dickie” – as the main character, and his parents, Mrs and Mr Jordan, as secondary characters. Other characters – employees of the Government Educational Building, as well as the collective characters of fathers and sons who are waiting for examination - also appear in the story.

The events take place in a dystopian society, where the government limits citizens’ intelligence. The main events take place in the Jordans’ home and at the government building where Dickie is examined. The social setting explores aspects related to living in a government-controlled society and family relationships.

The events are described from the point of view of a third-person narrator with a limited point of view, who describes the events but also voices Dickie and his father’s thoughts from their perspective.

The story is told using plenty of descriptive language, through a mix of narration and dialogue. The author uses several adjectives to create atmosphere and suggest the government’s power over citizens.

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