Mr Jordan


Mr Jordan, Dickie’s father, is another secondary character in the story “Examination Day” by Henry Slesar. We are not given any details on his outer characterisation.

His inner characterisation is constructed through his language, his actions, and through his thoughts, as described by the narrator.

At the beginning of the story, Mr Jordan’s reaction to the idea of the exam is brief: “ ‘Forget about it,’ he said. ‘He’ll do all right.’ ” When Dickie wants to learn more about the test, his father quickly sends him to read his comics. This suggests that Mr Jordan is nervous about the test, but that he is trying to hide this from Dickie.

Mr Jordan is portrayed as an authoritative parent, who rarely shows emotions: “even his father managed a grin and a rumple-of-the-hair. He kissed his mother and shook hands gravely with his father.”  We also notice that Dickie calls him “sir”. He also shows authority towards his wife, as he stops her from showing her anxiety in front of D...

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