Narrator and point of view


The novel Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury is told by a limited narrator. The narrator merges with the main character and consistently maintains Guy Montag's perspective. The narrator has inside view and reports Guy’s actions, perceptions, and emotional life mostly in the 3rd person singular, e.g., as Guy reflects after the first day of the plot: "Was it only an hour ago, (...) and him coming in, and the dark room and his foot kicking the little crystal bottle?" (Part 1, 20%).

In some places, Guy's thoughts are expressed in the first person, for example: "Fool, thought Montag to himself, you'll give it away." (Part 1, 46%) or, "I'm numb, he thought" (Part 2, 15%). Then again, there are parts where Guy's thoughts are directly rendered in the first person singular without ...

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