Physical setting

The novel Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury is set mainly in a large unnamed city in the USA. The reader learns that the city has a subway and that there is a station called "Knoll View" (Part 2, 23%). The city is located on a river. A railroad network surrounds the city. At the very end of the narrative, the main character, Guy Montag, flees the city. The rest of the action takes place south of the city, in the countryside.

Other cities that are near the place of action are mentioned in the story. The main character met his wife in Chicago (Part 3, 90%). His accomplice Faber wants to escape the city before a war breaks out, planning to take a bus to St. Louis (Part 3, 37%).

Faber mentions that the dissidents living along the railroad tracks are to be found "between here and Los Angeles" (Part 3, 37%) - that is, all possible places betwe...

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