Mildred Montag


The depressed housewife

Mildred Montag is the wife of the main character Guy Montag in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451. Guy often calls her "Millie" (Part 1, 60%). She is about thirty years old. Her lips are painted red and her hair has become brittle due to treatment with many chemical products. Her body is extremely thin because she has been on a lot of diets. Her skin is pale and her eyes look as if they have cataracts (Part 1, 68%).

With two radio capsules that she wears directly in her ears (Part 1, 14%), Mildred listens to the radio constantly at night and also during the day. She sleeps with her eyes open. She has learned to read her husband's lips so she can listen to the radio even when he is talking to her (Part 1, 23%f.). The dialogues that Mildred has with other people consist almost always of endless small talk (e.g., Part 1, 63%). Guy finds his wife "empty" (Part 1, 41%).

Mildred is depressed. She attempts suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills (Part 1, 15%) - it is not the first time. Guy makes sure that her stomach is pumped and her own blood is replaced...

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