In this chapter of the webbook, we give you an overview of the characters of importance in Don DeLillos novel Falling Man from 2007.

Keith Neudecker is the novel's main protagonist, and therefore we provide a detailed analysis of his character: How is Keith as husband and father? How has the experience of September 11th changed his life? How is his relationship with Florence Givens to be understood? Why does he start playing poker? These questions and more are answered.

Florence Givens. Who is this lady and what significance does she have in the novel? The characterization investigates the relationship between Keith and Florence, their intimacy as well as their shared experience in the North Tower in the World Trade Center. 

Justin. In the characterization, we will describe his relationship with the father and not least the imaginary "Bill Lawton" - the character that the children, Justin, Katie and Robert, have made up. The childish processing of the 9/11 traumas is exemplified through Justin.

Lianne Glenn's characterization describes the consequences of the terror attacks for Lianne. The relationships with her parents Nina Bartos and Jack Glenn as well as her relationship with Keith Neudecker are described as well as her role as a mother. 

Nina Bartos is Lianne's mother. In the characterization, we will describe her relationship with the friend Martin Ridnour and her opinion on the terror attacks on September 11th. The description also includes the art that she surrounds herself with in old age and her negative attitude towards here son in law Keith.

Martin Ridnour is Nina Bartos' friend. Martin's secretive past in Germany under the name Ernst Hechinger is described. We also comment on his relationship with Nina and his political point of view. His opinions of the causes for the terror attacks and his Anti-American belief is also explained.

Hammad. We explain terrorist's way of thinking and describe his character's development on the basis of the chapters "In Marienstrasse", "In Nokomis" and "In the Hudson Corridor". How is Hammad's behaviour to be understood? Is he motivated by religion at all?