Chapter 1 and 2

In the first chapter of Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, we meet Keith (although his name is not yet known to the reader) who survives the 9/11 attacks and manages to get out of the first tower alive. He walks through the ashes in his suit carrying a briefcase while covered in fragments of glass and blood. He notices people around him covering their faces with handkerchiefs or taking shelter under cars, cops and security guards running by. He observes everything around him, sees things falling down from the sky, watches people in chock, but he feels completely numb inside. A woman hands him a bottle of water, and after taking a sip, he keeps on walking. The second towers falls behind him, and he keeps walking until an electrician stops in his car and offers him a ride. Suddenly, Keith realizes where he is headed.

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, Lianne is going through her mail three days after the attacks while thinking back on the time when she and Keith first met eight years earlier. She recalls tha...

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