Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of Don DeLillo’s Falling Man is the first chapter of part 3 which takes place three years after the 9/11 attacks. Lianne and Justin are watching an anti-war demonstration and Justin gathers many leaflets. They find out that the demonstration is taking place on the birthday of the dead jazz musician Charlie Parker. Justin and Lianne then stand in the shadow while Justin reads aloud from a leaflet on Islam. Meanwhile, Lianne thinks back on a trip to Cairo 20 years ago with a friend of hers called Debra. The two of them attended a festival marking the end of the Ramadan. Lianne and Justin go into a bookstore where they talk while looking at books. We find out that Keith is away and will be back in 8-9 days. Back in their apartment, Lianne finds her father’s old jazz records, and among them is one with Charlie Parker.

Lianne is at the doctor’s office where she is checked for signs of dementia. Although ever...

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