Chapter 11

In the beginning of chapter 11, Keith is in a casino where he meets his old poker buddy, Terry Cheng. He and Terry both play poker professionally now. When Keith occasionally goes home to Lianne and Justin for a few days, he feels like he can’t describe how he spends his days playing poker. When flying back and forth from the casino, Keith is worried about the possibility of a terrorist on board the plane.

Lianne and Justin are talking in the kitchen. Lianne tells Justin that Keith is going off to Paris for a poker tournament and suggests that she might go with him, but then admits that she won’t be going anywhere. Lianne misses a specific pen and Justin suggests that Keith might have taken it.

Keith and Terry Cheng are talking in a casino. They remember when they used to play poker weekly at Keith’s place and discuss who of them used to smoke cigars. Terry Cheng tells Keith about how Rumsey, their colleague w...

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