Chapter 12 and 13

In the beginning of chapter 12, Lianne is looking at Morandi paintings and drawing in a gallery in Chelsea. Every one of the pieces reminds her of her mother, Nina, and of Martin who gave her the still-lives that were in her apartment.  Nina decided to have them sent to Martin in Berlin after they stopped seeing each other.

In a casino, Keith is watching horse races on screens. Keith likes the game of poker and finds the structure and principles of the game fascinating and compelling. He thinks about the difference between poker where he feels that he has a choice over his destiny and the horse races which do not appeal to him.

Keith is home from the casino. Lianne thinks about how Keith has changed over time and how he is distancing himself from the rest of the world. She watches a poker game on TV and finds herself looking for Keith, although he is sitting in the next room. After a few days they finally have a meaningful conversatio...

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