Chapter 14 and "In the Hudson Corridor"

Keith spends all his time playing poker. He feels that this is the one place where he is able to escape his memories from 9/11. The routines of the play appeal to him, and he finds himself more like a robot that anything else. He no longer has contact with the old poker buddy, Terry Cheng, and he tries to avoid him. When Keith isn’t playing or spending time in his hotel, he goes to the gym. He finds that he has to do this even though he doesn’t understand why.

Lianne finds herself thinking about God a lot. She notices that many people around her have taken an interest in the Koran. She, however, seeks out a Catholic church and starts going there several times a week. She is trying to remain a non-believer, but she admits to herself that she does believe in something. She remembers her father who was a firm believer. And her own hair, which is starting to turn gray, reminds her of her mother’s last days. She is still occupied with whe...

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