Chapter 3

In chapter 3 of Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, Keith is in the hospital having fragments of glass removed from his face. The doctors check that everything is alright with him. While one of them is removing the glass from Keith’s skin, he tells him that survivors of suicide attacks sometimes find pieces of the suicide bombers flesh inside them months later.

Lianne is talking to Isabel, the mother of two siblings who play with Lianne’s son Justin. Isabel says that she is worried about what the kids are up to. Since the attacks, they have started talking about a man and the adults can’t figure out who this man is.

Lianne thinks about what is like to have Keith back in the house. The two of them sleep in the same bed and there is still some sexual tension between them.

Still in the hospital, Keith is having his hand examined. As he lies in the scanner, he thinks back on women he has known. One is Nancy Dinnerstein, whom he knows from Boston. The other woman is also a Nancy, who he has had affair ...

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